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Comic Workshop with Deon "Supr Dee" Parson! (All Ages) (Elwood)

We are excited to welcome back Deon Parsons for another awesome comic workshop!

Join us June 21st at 5pm with cartoonist and illustrator Deon "Supr Dee" Parson. All ages are invited to attend a hands-on drawing workshop.

Deon is a Ringo Award nominated cartoonist and illustrator based in Indiana. His resume includes the syndicated comics "Life With Kurami" and "Rosebuds" and the Glyph-nominated comic book series "Pen & Ink". When he's not making comics, he's busy collaborating with brands such as SEGA, ToeJam & Earl, and Lofi Records, as well as teaching comic book workshops to children, teens, and adults at various schools, libraries, and art museums. 

Cartoon characters promoting a free art workshop on June 21st at 5 PM for all ages.